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Self Help

NOTE: Monitor/Display Tablet specific issues are not included here

  1. Check that you have uninstalled other graphics tablet driver(s) and completely remove their hidden files and all unused devices:How?(kb22.)
  2. Go to the driver/tablet setting and go to the “Pressure Sensitivity” tab and draw on the test area to see if you have pressure sensitivity.
  • If you cannot find the tablet settings icon on your task bar and/or cannot access your tablet settings, you will need to reinstall your driver (follow our guide step by step) Click Here(kb3.)
  • If you have pressure sensitivity on the tablet setting but not on the software that you are using (or the tools on your drawing software is not working properly), pleaseClick Here (kb4.)
  • If the pressure sensitivity is not working on tablet setting/option, you will need to reinstall your driver (follow our guide step by step) Click Here(kb3.)
  1. Check your USB settings Click Here(kb16.)
  2. Last resort: if none of the above fixes the problem,Click Here(kb24.)
  3. Try the graphics tablet on a different computer.

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